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Fuck!!!!  this song is so sick!!!!



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TERROR will be here and i will be a part of this hardcore celebration with friends. Can’t wait to see them live here.

TERROR (Century Media)


The tireless and tour-hungry hardcore loyalists in LA’s TERROR, spearheaded by the endless enthusiasm of frontman Scott Vogel, have earned quite a reputation since forming at the turn of the millennium. Their melding of no-frills breakneck hardcore and the fervor of new generation metal bridges the gap between young and old, and it makes for one hell of a pit no matter what city or stage the band leaves in ruin. Vogel has been a key figure in the scene’s survival, having given up a normal home life to slug it out on the road despite broken limbs, slipped discs and everything else that comes with hosting a TERROR show.
If anything, TERROR’s goal is to bring back the good natured release of circle pits and stage dives as well as the finger-pointing anthems that were once integral to the hardcore scene. In its infancy, the band represented everything overzealous bouncers hated, and Vogel encouraging the crowd to “elevate the maximum stagedive potential” didn’t always sit well with the LA venues they packed with sweaty kids fed-up with aimless music. Nonetheless, thanks to word of mouth and the strength of songs like “Keep Your Distance” and “What Have We Done,” the band soon found itself touring partners with everyone from As I Lay Dying to Hatebreed, amongst a slew of others. It is this drive and desire that has cemented TERROR into the hearts of music fans worldwide and made them royalty within the touring front. The fact that they’re direct support to the reunited Earth Crisis right now speaks volumes. Time off for TERROR is considered time away from their hardcore family across the globe, something that they cannot live without, so rest assured, the years to come hold many more releases and live appearances worldwide.


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Di sebabkan kau aku rase nk pitam kau tau x. Rupamu yg menggoda dan bentuk badan mu yg amat mengiurkan telah meruntuhkan iman aku. Sehingga kini aku terpaksa menanggung derita yg aku sendiri tidak tahu sampai bila akan berakhir. Nasib baik aku bertemankan irama2 HARDCORE yg betol2 dapat mengatasi keperitan seperti pain killer. terima kaseh HARDCORE. U make my day!!!


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Kicked ass !!!!  after CALIBAN, PARKWAY DRIVE kicked ass at MCPA KL.. yeah!!! love  Malaysia Hardcore scene..It was too much of a heat to watch them all through the way so the crowd take turns to see their performances. Although There was a tecnical probs after Dashown performed, people still wait for them. Its worth to wait.. Man, Its realy hot in there. They did a lot of numbers from the old album killing with a smile until horizons. They also play my  favourite songs  smoke ’em if ya got ’em and anchor n idols many more.  This band with kills with their great  showmanships. Parkway Drive never fails to deliver. The vocalist Winston even made the crowd mosh ” i wanna see stage dive!!” haha he gave the compliment of saying that this is by far the hottest show but the best they played in their SEA tour. f**kin awesome..The show finished off early about 8.30 or 9pm. After this Misery Signals and two other metalcore band from Aussie again will come. Cant wait for them. Oh ya heard August Burns Red will come to Malaysia too, heheh . This year is fucking great man !!!

parkway drive

parkway drve

prkway drive

parkway drive


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Nampaknya scene Hxc Malaysia makin ceria tahun ini.. Mane x nye, selepas Parkway Drive membuat tour di sini, akan datang lagi satu Band metalcore dari US iaitu MISERY SIGNALS . Mereka akan ditemani dengan HERAFTER (AUSTRALIA METALCORE) & GRACE IS GONE (AUSTRALIA METALCORE) ..


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YEAH, this awesome band will make a tour in Malaysia…


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Hardcore punk is a subgenre of punk rock that originated in North America in the late 1970s. The new sound was generally thicker, heavier and faster than earlier punk rock. The songs are usually short, fast and loud, covering topics such as politics, personal freedom, violence, social alienation, Straight Edge, war, and the hardcore subculture itself.Hardcore spawned several fusion genres and subgenres, some of which had mainstream success, such as skate punk, melodic hardcore and metalcore.

In North America, the music genre that became known as hardcore punk originated in different areas in late 1970’s and early 1981 in California, Washington, DC, Chicago, New York City, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Toronto and Boston. The origin of the term hardcore punk is not documented. The Vancouver-based band D.O.A. may have helped to popularize the term with the title of their 1981 album, Hardcore ’81.[5][6][7] However, until about 1983, the term hardcore was used fairly sparingly, and mainly as a descriptive term. (i.e., a band would be called a “hardcore band” and a concert would be a “hardcore show”). American teenagers who were fans of hardcore punk simply considered themselves fans of punk – although they were not necessarily interested in the original punk rock sound of late 1970s (e.g., Television, the Ramones, the Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Heartbreakers). In many circles, hardcore was an in-group term, meaning ‘music by people like us,’ and it included a wide range of sounds, from hyper-speed hardcore to sludgy dirge-rock, and sometimes including arty experimental bands, such as The Stickmen and Flipper.

Since most bands had little access to any means of production, hardcore lauded a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach. In most cities the hardcore scene relied on inexpensively-made DIY recordings done on four-track recorders and sold at shows or by mail. Concerts were promoted by photocopied zines, community radio shows, and affixing posters to walls and telephone poles. Hardcore punk fans adopted a a dressed-down style of T-shirts, jeans, and crewcut style. While 1977-era punk had used DIY clothing as well, such as torn pants held together with safety pins, the “dressed down” style of 1980s hardcore scene contrasted with the more campy, elaborate and provocative fashion styles of late 1970s punk rockers such as Soo Catwoman, which featured make-up, elaborate hairdos and avant-garde clothing experiments.A

At the same time, there was a parallel development in the UK of a British form of hardcore punk, which later became known as UK 82.UK 82 bands such as Discharge and Charged GBH took the existing late 1970s punk sound and added the incessant, heavy drumbeats and “wall of sound” distortion guitar sound of New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) bands such as Motörhead. While North American hardcore punk and UK 82 hardcore developed at the same time, it is not clear whether UK 82 was directly influenced by the American hardcore punk scene, or vice versa.